Hide Prices Full Control

Hide product prices and "Add to cart" buttons for selected customer groups. Full control over all front-end prices including catalog, shopping cart, checkout, sales history and sales emails.
Customizable CMS block for your pricing policy, contact information and call to action buttons.

It’s important for wholesalers and B2B companies to protect their pricing visibility. Our Hide Prices module for Magento 2 gives let’s you control which customer groups have access to pricing and shopping cart buttons.

Per store configuration for this module gives you the freedom to customize your text or static blocks to be displayed on Catalog pages. Replace the price or add-to-cart sections with your customized text / static block on the Category List Page and Product Page.

You decide which customer groups can see pricing and add items to cart. With prices hidden and add-to-cart actions allowed, your customers can complete the checkout process without any visible prices. Price visibility can be disabled for any section of your front-end website, including Shopping Cart, Order History, Invoices, Credit Memos and Sales Emails.


  • Hide Prices per website / customer group.
  • Hide Add To Cart buttons per website / customer group.
  • Display custom text or CMS blocks for product and category pages seperately.
  • Allow checkout for selected groups without visible prices.
  • Review order history, invoices, shipments and credit memos without prices being displayed
  • Send your transactional sales emails without visible prices.
  • Full control over all displayable price sections.
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Platform Version Magento Community 2.3.x
License Open Software License (OSL 3.0)
Warranty 60 Days
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Frontend Demo

All prices and add-to-cart buttons are hidden for guest visitors.

Customized CMS-blocks are displayed for hidden prices and hidden add-to-cart buttons on both Product Page and Category Page.

All prices are hidden for logged-in example customer with access to add-to-cart buttons and can continue to shop, checkout, place and review orders.

All order history, invoices, shipments and credit memos can be accessed from the "My Account" section, with all prices hidden.

  • roni_cost@example.com
  • roni_cost3@example.com

Backend Demo

You can enable the HidePrices extension in the module's configuration. Prices and Add To Cart visibility can be controlled for each website / customer group.

Display types and blocks for hidden sections can be configured for each store view. Each hidden section can be set for Product Page and Category Page independantly.

  • demoadmin
  • demo1234