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Let your customer pay shipping prices with their own courier and account. Customer's can provide their shipping account details during checkout.
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Do you have a customer that wants to pay for their own shipping by providing you with their shipping account information? This extension for Magento 2 does just that!
This extension is especially useful for Business to Business (B2B) customers who want to let their customer's pay for their own shipping. Your customer's can provide you with their own shipping account information so they can track and pay for their own shipments.

Your customer can enter their Fedex, DHL, UPS or any other courier and account information during checkout so you can ship their order under their own shipping account. Allow customers to use "My Shipping Account" as the shipping method during checkout.

Customer's can track and pay for their own shipping by providing you with their "shipping courier" and "shipping account" details. Their shipping account details can be managed and saved in their account for faster checkout in future orders.

Admin users can also manage their customer's "shipping carrier" and "shipping account number" from the admin customer account section. Any saved shipping accounts can also be used during admin order entry.


  • This extension will create a new shipping method with customizable title "Use My Shipping Account"
  • Allowed carriers can be customized from the System Configuration for this shipping method to limit the carriers you are willing to work with.
  • Customer's "shipping carrier" and "shipping account number" can be saved for use in future orders.
  • This extension allows you to add a "Handling Fee" that can be charged during checkout.
  • Shipping carrier name and method title can be customized in the System Configuration.
  • This extension can be enabled or disabled for each website / store view independantly through the System Configuration.
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Platform Version Magento Community 2.3.x
License Open Software License (OSL 3.0)
Warranty 60 Days
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Frontend Demo

During the frontend checkout you will see the new method for "Use my shipping account". When this method is selected, you will be provided with the input fields for "my shipping carrier" and "my shipping account". These values can be saved using the checkbox for future use.

All customer's "My Shipping Accounts" can be managed from their My Account section.

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Backend Demo

You can create a new custom "shipping carrier" and "shipping account number" or select one from their already saved accounts during the admin order entry Select Shipping Method stage.

You can manage your customer's "shipping carrier" and "shipping account number" from the Customer Edit section.

You can control the shipping carrier name / method title from the System Configuration, as well as the allowed countries for this shipping method.

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