Restrict Guest Access

Prevent guest visitors access to your catalog, cms pages or custom routes until your customer is logged in. Redirect visitors to the account login page with your custom message.
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If you want to prevent guest visitors from accessing your catalog or CMS pages, this extension for Magento2 allows you to do exactly that.

Only logged in customers will be allowed to visit the pages you decide to block. You can choose to block the category, product and search pages as well as any CMS pages. You can also configure custom routes if you have any additional extension pages guest visitors should be restricted access to.

When a visitor attempts to view any of your restricted pages, they will be redirected to the customer login screen with your customized message. After login or successful registration, they will be redirected back to the page they originally tried to access.


  • Easy module installation and configuration.
  • Enable and configure module for each website independantly.
  • Restrict guest access to catalog category, product and search pages.
  • Restrict guest access to any CMS page.
  • Restrict guest access to custom routes from additional modules.
  • Display custom messages when redirected to login page.
  • Redirect customers back to the restricted page after logging in.
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Platform Version Magento Community 2.3.x
License Open Software License (OSL 3.0)
Warranty 60 Days
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Frontend Demo

You will be unable to access any catalog pages until logging in to your customer account. Catalog pages include Product View, Category View and Catalog Search.

Attempting to access the pages as a guest visitor will redirect you to the account login page with custom message "You must be logged in to access the catalog".

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Backend Demo

You can configure this module from the "System > Configuration > MageMaclean Extensions > Restrict Access" section.

Choose which catalog sections, CMS pages and custom routes should be restricted to guest visitors.

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