Set Customer Shipping Price

Enable a flat rate or per item shipping price for any customer. Individually set your customer's shipping price and disable default shipping methods.
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If you want to customize the shipping rates for any of your customers, this Set Customer Shipping Price extension for Magento 2 allows you to do exactly that! Enable and set your "customer shipping price" for any customer with a flat rate price per order or per item. You can set the shipping rate for your customer from the backend admin customer account edit section for each customer individually.

You can also choose to disable shipping methods that your customer should no longer have access to when a "customer shipping price" is available to them. Simply select the shipping methods from the system configuration that you wish to hide from customer's that have an enabled "customer shipping price".


  • Enable and set shipping rate for each customer.
  • Customized method only appears for enabled customers.
  • Other shipping methods can be disabled when "customer shipping price" is available.
  • Shipping carrier title and a method name can be customized from the system configuration.
  • Select the allowed countries for this shipping method or use all allowed countries.
  • This extension can be enabled or disabled for each website/store view independently from the system configuration.
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Platform Version Magento Community 2.3.x
License Open Software License (OSL 3.0)
Warranty 60 Days
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Frontend Demo

When you login as the demo customer, you will see your "Customer Shipping Price" of $25.00 during the select shipping method section of the checkout.

Other shipping methods such as Flat Rate shipping will be disabled for this customer account and no longer visible when selecting your shipping method during checkout.

  • demo1234

Backend Demo

You can configure the shipping settings for this carrier in the "Shipping Methods" system configuration.

You can edit any customer to enable and set their "Customer Shipping Price".

  • demoadmin
  • demo1234